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Forum Rules

Use of the Red Knight Physics forums
  • The information posted on this website is intended as a resource for students attending high school physics classes, primarily those based on the AP and AICE physics curriculums. As such, any information posted here may be used freely for this or any related purpose.

  • You may not copy content on this site for any proprietary purposes, including but not limited to use in any medium intended for sale, advertisement, promotion, or slander. However, you may copy content on this site for use in personal study or for classroom activities.

  • Only registered users are allowed to post in the forums. Registration is simple and completely free through our sign up page, and will allow you to begin posting immediately. For more information concerning registered users, please see the "Registered users" section below.

Registered users
  • Registered users are free to post in any sections of this website that are available to them, within the limitations set forth in these rules.

  • By default, all users are given standard level access to the site, which allows posting in topics accessible through the "Discussions" option on the sidebar. Alumni (discussed below) are allowed to post in the "Resources" section in addition to "Discussions." The "News" and "Class Assignments" sections are restricted to administrators only.

  • Any attempt to bypass any restrictions on this website will result in permanent suspension of your account.

  • Users with the "alumnus" status are those who have been part of Mr. Jimmie Melvin's physics class at North Fort Myers High School. To have your account status updated to alumnus, please contact Mr. Jimmie Melvin personally.

  • Users are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in all sections of this website. Any language or subject that is not permissible in school is also not permissible anywhere on this website. Insulting or otherwise demeaning any user is strictly prohibited. Violation of these rules is punishable by the methods listed under the "Punishments for inappropriate conduct" section.

  • In addition to behaving appropriately, we also ask that all topics please relate to physics, related classes, or this website. We reserve the right to delete any topic that is deemed irrelevant.

  • Please do not post any personal information on this website. We are not responsible for how any information you may post on this website is used by others, and will make efforts to remove personal information when we find it. However, there is no guarantee that it will be noticed by or reported to an administrator.

  • If you see the use of profanity, inappropriate or offensive content, or if you see someone has posted their personal information, please report it to administrators using the "report" button. Please report any bugs found with the website through the Website Support page on the sidebar of every page.

  • If we discover that any user has exploited a bug in the website to their advantage, or has used personal information posted by another user for any malicious, illegal, or otherwise unwanted purpose, the offending user will have their account temporarily or permanently suspended and may, when appropriate, face legal action.

  • The privacy of all users is very important to us. We will never give out or sell your information to third-party groups for any reason.

  • We do not collect any personal information from non-registered users. The only personal information we collect from registered users is an email address, which will be used only in direct relation to events or information on and, for users known to be part of Mr. Jimmie Melvin's class, in relation to class.

  • Any attempt to access personal information or any other information stored by Red Knight Physics without prior consent will result in permanent suspension of your account and, when applicable, appropriate legal action.

Punishments for inappropriate conduct
  • Our administrators reserve the right to delete any post that is deemed profane or otherwise inappropriate for any reason. This judgement is made in the sole discretion of the administrators and is final.

  • Our administrators also reserve the right to replace any profane or unallowable word or phrase within an otherwise acceptable post, topic, or username with any word they see fit. This judgement is made in the sole discretion of the administrators.

  • Repeated or overly-offensive use of profanity, inappropriate content, insulting, or other worthy offenses as deemed by an administrator will result in temporary suspension of the user's account. The length of a temporary suspension should be proportionate to the severity of the offense, should never exceed 30 days, and is ultimately in the sole discretion of the administrators.

  • Excessively repeated or highly severe offenses may be punished by permanent suspension of the user's account, in the sole discretion of the administrators.

  • Red Knight Physics also reserves the right to take appropriate legal action when necessary.