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Red Knight Physics is officially on the Internet! After about two months of working on-and-off, the site is finally ready for it's debut. I currently have the first section, kinematics, as well as notes on basic differentiation for the AP C students, posted, and am working to prepare future sections for posting. At this point I believe AP B, AP C, and AICE will all use the same information with notices for content specific to one curriculum during the 2010-2011 school year. Since the site is new, I'm expecting there to be bugs despite careful testing, so please report anything you find using the tech report form. We would also like to hear your feedback about the site through the feedback form. I must thank Mr. Jimmie Melvin for giving me this opportunity to sharpen my skills building my first full and published website, and for everything he has done to help me prepare both for the AP Physics exams and for the future. I'd also like to thank Carissa Coppins for brain-storming with us and working with Mr. Melvin to provide me with the outlines for the mechanics sections. I hope this site will serve its purpose by helping students better understand Physics and better prepare themselves for the AP and AICE exams.

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